Internet Marketing – It’s Still the Same?


When Micah Buchdahl and I struck up conversation years ago about Internet marketing for lawyers, he suggested I read The Lawyers Guide to Marketing on the Internet, by Gregory Siskind, published in 1996.  This “new” way for law firms to promote themselves fascinated me.   In many ways, the very core basics of creating a successful online presence for lawyers has not changed at all…or has it?   Content is still “king”.  Even though this book has been published in a second edition in 2007, that first edition is still a classic in the sense that many of the basics of marketing on the Internet has not changed at all.  Relevant and changing content is what helps a Website provide value to end users.

Search engines want to serve up the best responses of any search to give the end-user the best experience possible.  It’s what has made Google the big behemoth.  In searching for a specific species of bats in Pennsylvania, for example, what is a better Website to serve up in the search results?  A 50 page Website that has changing/updated content on all the bats species in Pennsylvania or a 10 page Website that has not been updated in years with all bat species listed? has changed immensely, but the basics or the core characteristics of a Website have not.  Yes…there’s this thing called SEM/SEO (search engine marketing/search engine optimization), but a Website needs to have relevant content and updated appropriately in the subject matter to be relevant to you.  Right?

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